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Luxury real estate broker and developer. Investor. 
These are just a few titles under Maximilian de Melo’s extensive umbrella of accomplishments.  “Max,” as he’s commonly known, has done more in his 33 years than some people have done in a lifetime. 
A native of Cologne, Germany, Max graduated from Cologne Business School with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management. He holds dual citizenship with Brazil and Germany and speaks English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish fluently.
After briefly visiting the U.S. in 2011, he returned for an extended stay three years later and began looking into real estate. Within a year, Max and his business partner Patrick Niederdrenk purchased and remodeled their first property for $100,000. 
The property was initially managed as a vacation rental, but when Max made the decision to move to Scottsdale, Arizona full-time, the partners sold it. He and Patrick then invested in a real estate brokerage and quickly purchased and sold multiple homes. 
By 2019, the partners obtained their real estate licenses and focused exclusively on the luxury market. A chance encounter with a tech entrepreneur who expressed dissatisfaction with his broker led to the partners winning their first multi-million dollar listing. That hard work and effort didn’t go unnoticed; that same businessman allowed the partners to list other homes and properties. 
Within two years, America One Luxury Real Estate emerged as a huge player in the Phoenix Arizona market. To date, the company has sold about $260 million in real estate and both Max and Patrick are now listed in the top 1% of agents statewide. Recently, the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS awarded Max a 2021 “40 Under 40 Award.” 
“Luxury real estate is a very competitive and high stakes business," said de Melo. "It is gratifying and humbling to be able to meet the needs of a very specific clientele in Arizona and to have made an impact in this wonderful community in such a short time.”
Max and Patrick have also formed their own separate firm entitled “MP Design and Development” with the goal of increasing their presence in the Arizona market and meeting the 
needs of clients around the world. The partners are also weighing offers for a reality show centered around their thriving real estate business. 
MP Design and Development and America One Luxury Real Estate are the one-stop shop for residential & commercial real estate transactions along with developments and investments. 


As leaders in the Arizona luxury real estate market, Max and Patrick are here to provide you with the best service in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale.

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