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M P Design & Development

The demand for quality luxury real estate continues to climb in Arizona and one company is meeting that demand.
MP Design and Development, a luxury real estate development company spearheaded by Maximilian “Max” de Melo and Patrick Niederdrenk currently has 90,000 square feet of luxury development under construction.
The partners are no strangers to high-end real estate. They started in this business in 2017 and formed MP Design and Development in 2020. In less than a year, MP became known for its luxury spec home building and real estate developments.
“Many of us understandably spent more time at home this past year and decided to remodel or upgrade our living spaces,” said Max. “We wanted to meet clients where they are and give build the home of their dreams from the ground up.”
“We have seen and sold dozens of high-end houses over the years and we have an eye for design which makes us uniquely qualified to give clients what they want,” said Patrick. “They trust us to deliver the goods and we worked hard to gain that trust over the years.”
Max and Patrick are also partners in America One Luxury Real Estate which has sold about
$260 million in real estate. Both men are listed in the top 1% of agents statewide.

MP Design and Development and America One Luxury Real Estate are the one-stop shop for residential & commercial real estate transactions along with developments and investments.